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steel wallet made from german AISI 316 Ti stainless steel

the easy and secret way to store your seed phrase

you save your code by converting the number of lines

from bip39 word list into a binary number

you can use any decimal to binary converter or qreg calculator



RAID 5 algorithm

steel wallet made from german AISI 316 Ti stainless steel

the top secret way to save your seed phrase

save your code across 3 hardware

to backup you need 2 out of 3

qreg Q

analogue encrypted cold wallet

save your passcode or private key for kryptomoney and banking or any other security in a unique form . with one universal quad you can choose over 128 different symbols . which can be individual coded on the code list . only the list and the quadrat register together can read the code you arrange .

x-ray secure

2^7 symbols in one quad 128 possibilities . physical passcode storage​ . 26 letters in the upper and lower case and numbers from 0 – 9 together = 62 different symbols each with 128 possibilities to encode if you use the 2048 words from ( ) security level is  2048^128 minimum encryption level for lowercase letters is 1 to 26^128

qreg P

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the top secret of storage - minimum encryption level = 1 to 26^128

26^128 = 13079421638632078538609985886760523574926223260449315332780141613109448755835972767166862958721190041422043896326261700101811115130162354414853265170521645989511987615710527751192576

physical passcode register . this cold wallet save your code like the dna chain double composed security . made of stainless 304 grade german steel . high quality quads . registered trademark .

keep on in natural disasters and other visitations like spy and theft